Our Vision: Inspired Students and Teachers

About ELF

Founded in 2004, the Easton Learning Foundation (ELF) is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching Easton’s commitment to quality education. To that end, the Foundation strives to secure financial and human resources for innovative educational projects and programs by:

  • Building community-wide support for the benefit of our schools
  • Partnering with the district to help achieve its vision
  • Funding initiatives that fall outside the school budget

Fundraisers and Events

ELF raises money through community events such as our Fall Sports Tag Sale, annual Trivia Bee, and Holiday Auction.


We want children to learn from teachers who are excited, engaged and reflective. Our grants program enables Easton and Region 9 (Joel Barlow High School) teachers to search for effective, creative strategies to ensure that every child receives an exceptional education. To help teachers improve upon the quality of instruction, our grants will:

  • encourage teachers to critique instructional practices and seek solutions through innovation, research, study, professional growth, and supporting materials
  • support teachers who show enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity about education and subject matter, and who think deeply about the needs of every student
  • seed new ideas and approaches to teaching that demonstrate potential widespread application across the school system
  • encourage applications not only from teachers but also administrators, teacher-student teams and local organizations or individuals who wish to partner with our schools to provide innovative and unique educational opportunities that keep Easton schools at the forefront of K-12 education


Our Vision

Inspired Children and Teachers… ELF will build support, involvement, and private funding throughout the community for the benefit of our town’s public schools. The end result of this work will be inspired teachers and children of character who are among the nations best educated and best prepared. A Preferred Place to Educate… By providing excellent tools, opportunities, training and support, Easton will attract and retain the most talented teachers. The Foundation will play an instrumental role in achieving this reputation by funding exciting and innovative grants and providing money to allow faculty access to state of the art, cutting edge technology and continued professional development opportunities. Partner with the School District… Through genuine collaboration, the Foundation will partner with the Easton school system in achieving a shared vision of educational excellence. Open and active communication between the two groups will be the hallmark of our relationship. District-Wide Impact… ELF will complement the work of other school support groups such as the Easton PTA and theRedding Education Foundation (REF) by addressing the unmet needs and opportunities at the district level. We will work together with all stakeholders to facilitate effective and creative district-wide solutions, teacher initiatives, and professional development opportunities not otherwise addressed. Builder of Community Support… Sustained community support of our schools will be forged through ongoing programs, creating a culture in our town where citizens are passionately committed to life long education. A Preferred Donee… ELF will build a reputation as an informed and responsible steward and be viewed by the community as an organization that effectively directs donations of time and money to benefit the children in our schools. This fine reputation will attract capable volunteers and abundant donations to help accomplish our mission.